Sunday, January 22, 2012


I love Minecraft. In fact, it's more than love at this point, I'd call it something of an addiction. I've poured hour upon hour this past week completing an automated boat elevator. Now, if you know anything about minecraft you know that boat elevators are fairly slow and obsolete, but I think there's something classic and relaxing about them. If you don't know anything about minecraft you're probably curious, so I'll explain it.
     Minecraft is a game that mixes the survival and sandbox genres into something beautiful. You start at a "spawn point" and find yourself surrounded by blocks of various types. You then wander around aimlessly for about an hour until you give in and look up a crafting list to start building a house, or figure out on your own that punching trees gives you wood. You then find out that nighttime in the world of minecraft is very dangerous. These dangers are called mobs, and include, zombies, creepers, skeletons, and other monsters I won't spoil for you. If you're interested in Minecraft there's a free stripped down demo version at or you can purchase an account and sell your social life for 20$ and download it DRM free.

An quaint Npc Village
A glimpse of my beloved water elevator

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