Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top Cydia Apps

There are tons of great apps on cydia. The problem is that there are even more useless apps cluttering most sources than there are good ones. This top 6 list (I'll probably be this updating to a top 10 eventually) sheds some light on my favorite apps from cydia. (Note that installer is not on this list, you should support developers so they can make more apps you love)


This tweak allows you to swipe across your status bar for a drop down menu that holds toggles for certain settings. There are tons of toggles that you can download as addons from cydia. My favorite toggle is processes which lets you kill apps and free up memory to speed up your iDevice. You can also adjust your brightness, turn off bluetooth, reboot/respring/power off all from the same convenient drop down menu.


This app might not be the first, but it's definitely the best and most fully featured file browser for ios. Some of the features include: copy and pasting files, editing plists, viewing pictures, editing text and word documents, transferring files over bluetooth/http, and even more. This is generally the first app I download after jailbreaking.

Mobile Terminal

Mobile terminal is a great app for all of your hacking and developing needs, or even just looking 1337 in front of your friends. Of course typing on the small touch screen for too long isn't very enjoyable, so make sure you follow this to learn how to setup ssh in my follow up post.

*note that updated versions of mobile terminal are not on default repos, so you might have to install this app from the ininjas repo*


This app backs up your cydia apps so you can easily get them back after a restore. 'Nuff said ;)


Atube lets you download and watch YouTube videos on your iPhone. A great way to find some music videos you normally couldn't even watch on the YouTube default app and add them to your library.

Card Switcher

This app was made to simulate WebOS features and allows you to switch between, close, and preview apps all from the sleek card interface. I'd wait for the upcoming Card Switcher 2, (which will supposedly include new features such as vortex, a windows manager for the iPad and tabbed switching) but if you're impatient it's only $1.99 from the big boss repo.


Grooveshark is easily the best music app for the iPhone. Ever. Tons of free music from any artist you could ask for available for streaming or download, a sleek interface, and even decent radio settings. The catch? You'll have to pay $10 a month. However, if you don't feel like paying an arm and a leg a new html5 web app has been put into beta and can be checked out at
It has limited capabilities (it is a beta) but allows unlimited plays and is legitimately free, for now. 

What apps did I miss? Comment and I'll cover any of your favorite cydia apps.

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