Saturday, January 28, 2012

Arch Linux

If you're looking for a linux distro there are quite a few choices, and not all of them are good. I've found linux distributions are a lot like people, there's the good, the bad, and the great. No matter how great the distro (or person) is though, I've always found something that I would love to change but couldn't. Linux, unlike people, has a solution to this problem and it's name is Arch. The reason it's such a good choice is because instead of being created by some devs' you've never met, it's yours. It goes with the old saying that if you want something done, you should do it yourself. Now I'm not saying Arch Linux is for everyone. Setting my elderly neighbor in front of a fresh install of arch linux would probably give them ulcers, even though Ubuntu might work for them just fine. The install is fairly easy and has a keyboard based gui, not anything too hard/confusing. So if you're an intermediate linux user or expert who doesn't want the hassle of compiling the kernel for Gentoo you should definitely consider Arch. If you'd like to learn more head over to

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