Sunday, February 12, 2012

Facebook; Who's Really Your Friend?


I've been thinking a lot lately about how technology, specifically social media, is affecting society and human relationships. One thing I've found interesting is what it means to be a "friend." Before Facebook it could take years to become a real friend, when now it might take two clicks, your request and their accept. I've decided to make a game that will delve into some of these sociological issues that I call Facewhore. Don't worry, you won't be doing anything sexual, just having some fun looking at which people are more promiscuous from a Facebook friend perspective.

How To Play

To play Facewhore you start by making a profile, you can choose whatever name and profile settings you like, then you decide who you want your goal friend to be. I like to choose an acquaintance who I know is a bit of a Faceharlot. (someone who will friend anyone for the sake of it, the name of the game, Facewhore is also often used) Next you search a random name, any one will do. Send a friend request to the first person on the search results and start looking at your recommended friends list for people who you think will accept your request and get you closer to your goal friend.

The Rules

You may only go through the recommended friends list for new friends and you may not choose a celebrity as your starting friend.  If your starting friend doesn't accept your request you can either try a different search name or go down the list.Your score is how many friend requests you had to send to reach your goal friend. Once you've added that person to your friends list you'll have won! You'll also have done an interesting experiment on society's shifting definition of relationships due to social media.


I tend to use a picture of a cat for my profile. People are more likely to assume your first name's someone's they actually know and you just have a joke nickname if they don't see a face. Also, cats are cute.
If your goal friend is male and you friend too many females it's much harder to find him.
Set your city as the city of your goal friend if you need some help.

After playing for a few days it took me 59 requests to win. What's your high score?

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